Nutrient mix

Is the biomass in your reactor not growing or not growing well enough? Then your wastewater probably does not contain the right nutrients to feed the biomass.

We offer various nutrient mixes for both anaerobic reactors and desulphurisation plants. By adding the right nutrient mix, the biomass is once again fed with the required macro- and micronutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphate, copper and iron).

EAE powder

Oil, polymers, fats or other organic molecules cause damage to the anaerobic process. The substances adhere to the biomass and break it down.

To prevent this, you can add EAE powder to the wastewater that is being treated in the reactor, either preventively or in case of calamities, such as a large oil spill. EAE powder deactivates the organic molecules and improves degassing and biomass build-up.

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