Econvert's anaerobic wastewater pilot plant is specially designed to test whether an anaerobic effluent treatment plant is suitable to treat wastewater coming from the production process(es). This part of the raw wastewater contains organic compounds that can be tested on its biodegradability.

Econvert’s pilot installation is ideally suited for:

- Testing if the wastewater from your production process is biodegradable. In this way we can determine if an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is suitable.
- Gain experience and become familiar with the operation of an anaerobic installation.

Our offer:

- Start-up is arranged in 2–3 days by an Econvert technologist
- The local operator receives training from an Econvert specialist
- Daily analysis and guidance is provided by Econvert
- Technical and technological guidance from an Econvert expert
- Econvert can monitor remotely and change settings if needed
- Gain experience and familiarity with the system in 3 months


Curious whether anaerobic wastewater treatment could be the best solution for your process?