Maintenance and parts

'Maintenance is the total of activities aimed at maintaining or restoring installations to an acceptable condition in order to guarantee the required functionality, either immediately or in the long term.’

Your anaerobic water treatment plant also requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal functionality. We offer parts, inspection, and maintenance to keep your installation running optimally.

Spare parts

Sooner or later wear components needs to be replaced. Many of these parts have a delivery time of 2–8 weeks. Of course you want to prevent your installation from coming to a standstill for a longer period of time. It is therefore wise to stock crucial electrical and mechanical parts. This way you can always respond adequately in case of defects. We are happy to make a customised offer for you.


Even if you do not have the capacity or knowledge to carry out the maintenance of the installation yourself, you can contact us. We can carry out minor or major maintenance on an occasional or periodically.

Contact our service department for more information.