Our story

When we founded Econvert, our ambition was to make anaerobic technology available to the widest possible group of users. This ambition still stands. Based on in-depth knowledge and our engineering and technological experience, we work on optimizing our products every day. This is with the aim that our customers can produce more sustainably, reduce their ecological impact and remain competitive.

Understanding our customers' challenges is crucial. We speak the customer's language and mutually seek the best solution. That goes beyond just supplying the right technology. We participate in managing the installations, financing them and maintaining the equipment. All with one single aim: to perfect the art of reuse.


  • As world population increases and the consuming class grows, society is facing a growing pressure on natural resources. We are convinced we have to contribute substantially to close cycles.
  • Our knowledge enables us to find solutions, create new products, open new markets and bring new technologies to the market.
  • Together with our customers we design innovative technological solutions to reduce their ecological footprint.
  • Our knowledge of anaerobic processes enables us to implement a Wastewater Treatment Plant that make us and our customers proud.
  • We work on continuous improvement and are competitive. This makes our technology available to a large group of customers.


Econvert was founded in 2012 with a clear purpose: to make sure everyone can benefit from the advantages of anaerobic wastewater treatment. This idea is still the core of the company, but over time Econvert has developed into a leading contractor in biological wastewater treatment and biogas conditioning. Biological treatment aimed on lowering the ecological impact of our customers. As we think that local reuse is the future.

Over time Econvert has established a strong track record in anaerobic wastewater treatment and biogas desulphurization. We’ve served many customers in pulp & paper, food & beverage and chemical & pharma. Most often we serve the end-user directly, but we also cooperate with partners to optimize the solutions and project implementation. We strongly believe we can serve our customers best by being close and speaking their language.

In order to speed up the realization of our goals, Econvert was partially acquired by SAUR Group from France in 2020. Being part of the Saur Industry Platform, Econvert has gained access to a global network of sales and service centers. Furthermore, the ambitious growth plans of SAUR will help Econvert to be close to customers worldwide and speak their language. The SAUR Industry Platform combines the strengths of Econvert, SAUR Industrie, Nijhuis Industries, Unidro and Riventa. As a group, the Platform acts as a 360 degrees water expert, from intake to reuse and recovery. An ambition to perfect the art of reduction, reuse and recovery.
Nijhuis Division

Our Team

The Econvert team is professional, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Our people are committed to the case and will always look for solutions. But most of all, and very important, at Econvert we want to enjoy what we are doing. ‘Having fun’ is the unwritten – but well implemented – core value that drives us. We can only achieve that if there is mutual respect and a strong connection to our mission.