So there you have your wastewater treatment installation. Brand new or for years already. In the end, it's not the equipment that treats your water, it's the process. We assist you with optimizing your treatment processes in many ways, because only then can you really benefit from your investments.



Econvert offers consultancy to optimise your wastewater treatment plant and check all important aspects for an efficient and properly operating plant.

Parts & service

We assist you with providing parts and service to your existing plant and equipment to ensure an optimal running plant with minimal down time and optimal up time.


We offer various nutrient mixes for both anaerobic reactors and desulphurisation plants. By adding the right nutrient mix, the biomass is once again fed with the required macro- and micronutrients.


We can provide you with biomass for your water purification or desulphurisation plant. Once the reactor is running properly, the biomass will grow due to the nutrients contained in the wastewater.


Econvert's anaerobic wastewater pilot plant is specially designed to test whether an anaerobic effluent treatment plant is suitable to treat wastewater coming from production process(es).


Is your water treatment plant still future-proof? Does it still meet today’s requirements? Are there any improvements possible? Are these questions that your company needs to answer? If so Econvert can help with external audits.


With a retrofit we modernise your existing water treatment plant. With a limited investment, we ensure that your current installation once again meets the requirements, performs optimally and is future-proof.